Windows integration service does'nt work when creating a datasource.


Windows integration service does'nt work when creating a datasource.error when pressing the Ok button: The combination of values for the fields UserName and CredentialRetrieval are not valid. Solution: Set the username and password to null when CredentialRetrieval == CredentialRetrievalEnum.Integrated file: RS2005Facade.cspublic void CreateDataSource(Datasource datasource, string parent) { DataSourceDefinition def = new DataSourceDefinition(); def.ConnectString = datasource.ConnectionString; def.Enabled = datasource.Enabled; def.Extension = datasource.Extension; def.Password = datasource.Password; def.Prompt = datasource.Prompt; def.UserName = datasource.Username; def.ImpersonateUser = datasource.SetExecutionContext; def.WindowsCredentials = datasource.UsePromptedCredentialsAsWindowsCredentials || datasource.UseStoredCredentialsAsWindowsCredentials; def.CredentialRetrieval = GetSSRSCredentialRetrievalTypeFromEnum(datasource.CredentialRetrievalType); if (def.CredentialRetrieval == CredentialRetrievalEnum.Integrated) { def.UserName = null; def.Password = null; } rs.CreateDataSource(datasource.Name, parent, true, def, null); }
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Resolved with changeset 81978: Major refactoring and preparing for the new SQL 2012 webservice endpoint. SQL 2008R2 & 2012 are now supported by using depricated but not yet removed webservices.