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Cannot connect. Check server setting.

Apr 1, 2011 at 8:02 AM

Hi all,

Please help me....I have installed SQL Server 2008 in server and installed Report Builder 3.0 in client. I can suceesfully build report and deploy to the URL Web Service. The information are below:

SQL Server Instance: MMSQLSERVER_R2

Instance ID: MRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER_R2

Product Version: 10.50.1600.1

Report server database name: ReportServ

Report server mode: Native

Report service status: Started

URL Web service - Virtual Directory: Report

URL Web Service: http://server-fin:80/report

SSL Certificate: WMSvc-SERVER-FIN

SSL Port: 443

Report manager service - virtual directory: Reports_MSSQLSERVER_R2

Report manager service: http://server-fin:80/Reports_MSSQLSERVER_R2


But, I always cannot connect thru SSRS explorer, the message always "CANNOT CONNECT. CHECK SERVER SETTING."

Please advise me what to fill in the field of ALIAS, URL TO REPORTING SERVER WEBSERVICE, DOMAIN, USERNAME, PASSWORD. I have tried any possiblities that I have but still failed to connect. Many thanks...




Andri Tan