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Set Data Source -- Can't drill down

Sep 21, 2010 at 4:54 AM

First, let me say this is a great tool!  Thanks for the work in putting it together!

Our SSRS structure is fairly complex, with lots of folders and subfolders for both Reports and Data Sources.  I've noticed a little quirkiness when browsing the Reports folders with the tools.  i.e. The folders don't always show the [+] in the left pane, so I have to drill down in the right pane in order to get to the level I'm looking for sometimes.  Though I think this is a bug, it's easy enough to work around, as described.

The bigger problem that I'm having is when I want to highlight a lot of reports and select "Set Data Source".  In the box that pops up, I can select any Data Source that is directly under the "Data Sources" folder in SSRS with no problem.  However I can't select any source that falls under a sub-folder (e.g. Root -> Data Sources --> SubFolder --> DataSourceName).  There is no [+] to expand out and show anything under the "Subfolder" level.      Not being able to select the approproate Data Source unfortunately eliminates a lot of the functionality of the app for our uses.   Any chance this is an easy fix?

Again thanks very much for a great application!


Sep 21, 2010 at 5:10 AM

Never mind!  After browsing around a little, I see that you have fixed this in Saturday's release.   Thanks so much!  :-)